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Do not be too confident that he loves you. As forces of wine he could speak to you, he may also vomit.

Hard to trust people you can not stand … they started. Do not say that is a man if you did put away …

I do not want to criticize you… I just did not see reason to praise you!

Someday, you’ll remember me. And in that time, I forgot.

Love begins with a Smile, Grows with a Kiss, and Ends with a Teardrop.

Round the world so even if you turn away from the problem, eventually you deal well with it and not liking.

In a relationship, no matter how carefully you hold the one.. Yet you have lost it.. Because he had released the hold earlier.

Many blurts the word “love” but honestly, the more tears than words to. Why else would more mouth than when the lie of the faithful to love?

Is there someone in the exam like? One seat apart too.

Most painful feeling? I thought you loved him, but they never did.